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guys!! i love this game ! so adorable and beautiful environment!  (gameplay talking in japanese tho)

This was really fun and it was incredibly horrifying, spiky has seen some sh!t.

Looks fantastic! Any chance of getting a 32bit +64bit (universal) Linux build? :)

Wow ! Incredible ! I loved that Hedgehog it is so SPIKY ! and this art direction ... loved it so much ! I was so in the whole time, under the leaves if you know what I mean ;D  ! And that part with the car ... IMPRESSIVE ! Honestly big up to you guys ! And the trailer is so cool !

This game was so charming and adorable. Thank you for making such a treat for us. 

I featured the game on my channel. Best of luck! 

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Great game! Love the aesthetic, extremely cute! Shows great potential, however a few serious bugs which need fixing. (getting stuck on objects, settings menu crashing the game) However overall, had a great time playing it! 

This game had everything I wanted and more. Cute hedgehogs, the great out doors and fire. So much fire.... 

very cute game, I hope you can make this game longer , like an hour, and sell on steam. really love it.

I thought this was going to be a cute and innocent game, but it wasn't... it was faaar better :D

Thank you for this game this is so awesome i love it.

such a fun game and I really enjoyed the story! Well done! I hope Spiky will have more misadventures someday! 

This game was really pretty and I enjoyed the story in the background. My game crashed after trying to open the settings but it ran very smoothly after that. I think the use of music could be a bit better though, just to help it feel more immersive and be a bit smoother.

This game has a very good message. Also beautiful graphics and music.

Very cute and fun game, but definitely did not see that tragedy coming...

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Such an interesting game with a really good story! 

This game is Amazing :D

MEET MY PET HEDGEHOG! This game is outstanding! Very well made! :)

This was just as adorable as it was startling and for that I love it. There were some small technical issues with the physics and m/kb to gamepad transition, but other than that it was just a strange and unique experience.

Hey! Played this on my channel and had a really good time. That destructive lil' hedgehog is adorable.

Hey, Tobias :D I cant seem to get the game to run :( i get a black screen :( is it ok if you can give me a list of the minimum system requirments? :)

Hey Shan,

This is what I would try.

Perform a full Window Update

Run "devmgmt.msc" and find your graphics card then right cllick and update

Download and run the following adwcleaner, rkill and JRT to clean your system. If you have windows 7 run combofix as well (if you want the links then let me know) and try superantispyware

also run from the command prompt "sfc /scannow" then reboot.

Can you also empty "c:\temp" and "C:\windows\system32\temp"

and then reboot and try again and report back



Hey Shan! Did you get the game to work? Since this was a student project we didn't spend time trying out minimum system requirements. The only criteria we had for it was that the game should work on a school computer. I can look up the specifications for them if you wish.

Did you try any of wobblyfootgamer's suggestions?

What a great little project DEVS. Spikey sure was a pain in the butt lol, setting fire the forest, causing car crashes and don't forget that poor little. Put together really well. Great graphics/audio and a great little adventure.


43 minutes from launch to video. Holy crap that's fast

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Hey Coalfire,

How you doing bud? You've been doing some great videos and honest reviews. Keep it up.

Err yeah, I'm sat here so damn bored. I'm drinking whiskey, playing my bass and hitting refresh button. There's is nothing else to do FFS. It's just too damn warm.

Keep safe.


Side note, I played it twice as well. Really great little project and I loved it when he set the forest on fire. Awesome hahahaha

My video is already scheduled :) Couldn't pass this one up!

Thanks wobblyfootgamer and thanks for a nice and fun playthrough! :)