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Be ready to embark on a journey filled with exploration and challenges. In this game you play as Altiia, a feisty creature named after her passion for high altitudes. On the hunt for treasures and adventure, she has discovered a cluster of islands which have ruins and temples scattered all around. Your journey begins as she has found a way inside a temple where an adaptable staff resides. This staff can be extended at command which can allow her to pole vault with finesse. However, the staff is missing a vital piece which may be hidden on one of the other islands.

Explore the islands to find hidden spots and treasures. These treasures let you customize your appearance, so you can traverse the world with style! However, if you’re the type of player who would rather enjoy competitive fun between you and your friends there are timed challenges with leaderboards so you can boast about who made it to the finish line the fastest.

This was our third project at Futuregames . The project spanned for 10 weeks, including 3 weeks for preproduction.  The soundtrack for the game can be downloaded here or from the button bellow.


  • Amanda Gyllin: 3D Environment Artist, Voice Acting.
  • Anna Tjernberg: Lead Designer, Game Design, Level Design.
  • Christian Forsgren: Lead Artist, Concept Artist, 2D Prop Artist, 2D Environmental Artist.
  • Elia Anagrius Stampes: Technical Artist, VFX & Shaders.
  • Linn Pennanen: 3D Character Artist, 3D Prop Artist.
  • Marie Sommerdahl: Concept Artist, 2D Character Artist, 2D Prop Artist, Voice Acting.
  • Nils Söderman: Animator, Rigger.
  • Simon Laserna: Game Design, Scripting.
  • Spiros Kessaris: Level Design, Game Design.
  • Tobias Nylin: Game Design, Scripting, Music, Sound Design.
  • Nick Red: Sound Design.
Bakelight Studios
Release date Jun 19, 2018
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsTobias Nylin, amsoca, Nils Söderman, Linnp, annatjernberg
Made withUnity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsXbox controller


Altiia and the Trial Islands 438 MB
Altiia and the Trial Islands Original Soundtrack

Install instructions

  1. A gamepad similar to Xbox 360 / Xbox One is required for playing the game.
  2. Download the game.
  3. Unzip.
  4. Run "AltiiaAndTheTrialIslands.exe".


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The movement in this is just plain old fantastic! The glider seems a bit overpowered and it was a little disappointing to see that there wasn't much more than cosmetics and time trials, but I suppose that's in the title! I'd love to see this developed further, but understanding this was a student project, I get that that isn't likely. Great work!

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That's two of your games I've played lately Tobias lol

You have a great DEV team and you're releasing some very aspiring games. Atiila and the Trial Islands not only looks great but plays very well and I had great fun exploring. I did the video without commentary as I didn't want to ruin it but very impressive.

You should have seen the first video I did. I managed to come out of the cave  into the open and then go round the left side and jump all over the place. I eventually fell into a dark cave and got minced by the bloody sharks hahahah. I really do like to find all this little hidden bits and bugs.

If you ever need anything changing  in the description entry for the videos then just let me know.