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We love the Colosseum, ten of thousands of people visit it every year. Maybe it’s because our imagination runs wild with epic fights that took place there. The Romans loved these games, but they might have loved chariot races even more! What if you combined those two ancient sports?

Well, you get Chariot Madness of course! So prepare yourself for a frantic, fast paced but light hearted game! Where a tight turn just might save your life, or where a well aimed throw might get you the appraisal of the Emperor himself. Face off in the Arena with deadly weapons at your disposal, because what’s more fun than to lay waste to your friends?

This was our first project at Futuregames we had only been at school for two weeks when this project started.

In this project I did some project management, scripted a powerup system, and some stage hazards. Apart from that I made everything related to sound design.


  • Amanda Gyllin: 3D Artist
  • Andreas Olsson:  3D Artist
  • Anton Franzén: Designer
  • Daniel Sandin: Designer
  • Joakim Engholm: 3D Artist
  • Mattias Rosquist: 3D Artist
  • Sara Burman: 3D Artist
  • Tobias Nylin: Designer

    Release date Oct 05, 2017
    AuthorsTobias Nylin, amsoca, Mattias Rosquist, Daniel Sandin, joakim.engholm
    Made withUnreal Engine
    Average sessionA few minutes
    InputsXbox controller
    MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
    Player count2 - 4


    Chariot Madness 684 MB

    Install instructions

    1. A gamepad similar to Xbox 360 / Xbox One is required for playing the game.
    2. At least 2 players is required.
    3. Download the game.
    4. Unzip.
    5.  Run "ChariotMadness.exe".

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