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I played your game and had fun but I did get a little triggered at the end (full warning) because there wasn't enough checkpoints and or health drops but I still had fun. (Skip to 10:09)


Hi TUD, thanks for playing the game! Nice video!

You were really close to the end of the level! But I understand your frustration about the lack of checkpoints.

There will be an update in a couple of weeks with among other things, more checkpoints!

This was fun. A little daunting at times to try to avoid things in 3D that are designed like they are in a 2D game but not as bad as expected. I got a big Mega Man vibe from this game, was that an influence at all?

I really like the feel and gameplay of it overall.

My video is a little choppy but the game itself played pretty well on my system. So it's probably a good example of a system that's just barely good enough. In case you are curious I have an I3-550 with 8GB ram and a GeForce 1030 (I know it's a weird setup but I am in process of upgrading).


Hi RobBoberty, thanks for taking the time playing! 

Mega Man might have been an inspiration ;)

Too bad about the quality, but besides that you played really well, and it was nice seeing that most of my design decisions made sense :)

thanks for watching!

a nice idea made a nice game!

i like it! it has a good level design and platforming!

keep it up!


I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for the nice feedback! :)

A good project. It feels a bit weird, having a 3D world and moving only in 2D. :)


Thank you for taking the time to play my game! I'm glad you liked it :)