v. - Health Bar and Improved Door Movement

This is the first update for the game, below I’ve listed new features and bugfixes since the previous version.


  • Health Bar:
    • I replaced the text displaying the amount of health with a horizontal health bar.
  • Number of Lives:
    • I integrated the display of the number of lives to the left part of the health bar.
  • Door close if walking back when it's open:
    • To prevent being able to shoot enemies more easily in the next room from the previous room I added so that the door closes if walking back into the previous room. Thus making it impossible to shoot enemies in the next room until the player is inside the room.


  • If spamming the slide-button the character's arms don't move down the next slide.
  • If choosing Quit in the Pause-menu followed by "No" and then choosing Main Menu and selecting "Yes" the game will quit instead of going to the Main Menu.
  • No projectile explosion effect on spikes.

What’s Next?

I’m planning to implement a settings menu to configure some requested settings like aiming sensitivity, inverted aiming, and more. After that, I’m going to start to design a yet not implemented enemy, and of course, the missing boss at the end of the level.

Thanks for the feedback on the initial version, and I hope you enjoy this new update!


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Jan 05, 2019

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