v. - Walker Type Enemy


  • New Enemy “Eightys”:
    • Is a walker type enemy that can jump, shoot, and rotate.
    • This enemy is a lot bigger and smarter than the other enemies and you have to be more strategic in how you fight it.
    • The name “Eightys” is a reference to the AT walkers from Star Wars and that the game has a lot of inspiration from the 80’s.
    • There is a new room in the level containing this enemy. With the implementation of this, the level layout is finally finished!

  • Changed to Infinite Lives:
    • I decided to remove game over. Instead, you will always start from the last reached checkpoint.
    • This is how I intend it to work: If you find a level too hard at the moment, and want to try another one, you will be able to exit the current level and revisit this level later, with an option to choose which of the reached checkpoints to start from. Thus, you will not have to replay the entire level.
    • I will make a difficulty setting later, one with finite lives, and one with infinite lives.

Minor Adjustments

  • Lowered volume on fully charged shot sound effect.
  • Lowered volume on charging sound effect.


  • No bugfixes.

What’s Next?

In the next update, I will design and implement the boss. This will be the last major update for the demo-level, and after that I will consider the demo-level feature complete.

I hope you enjoy this new update!


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Mar 26, 2019

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